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    Hand sanitiser doesn't have to be boring...

    It's no secret that we here at Happy Hands like to view the world through rose tinted glasses! We looked at the dull, traditional hand sanitiser available and thought "how can we make hand sanitiser happy?" and so the journey began to create the world's happiest hand sanitiser...

    Three key ingredients of happiness in a bottle:

    Keep your hands happy.

    We combined two moisture retaining ingredients and maximised happiness with a burst of strawberries:

    Aloe Vera

    A plant species rich in antioxidants and said to have anti-bacterial properties. Aloe Vera is absorbed easily through the skin and is a very good moisturiser.


    Glycerin, derived from vegetables, is known as a super hydrator that leaves your skin with an overall moisturising and smoothing effect.


    Everyone knows strawberries are the happiest fruit (yes, they're a fruit not a berry)! We decided that, in order for us to make the happiest hand sanitiser, it had to smell like strawberries... and of course, be coloured pink!

    The active ingredient in Happy Hands is ethanol which, at concentrations between 60-80%, shows the highest anti-bacterial and anti-viral strength. Happy Hands contains 70% to maximise the elimination of those nasty germs! Happy Hands has been independently tested showing 99.9% effectiveness against viruses and bacteria.

    We are a boutique company with a professional touch.

    Happy Hands is based in Penrose, Auckland. We are a small team dedicated to providing New Zealand, and the world, with the very best hand sanitising products.

    Our products are scientifically formulated to the highest standards. Happy Hands is manufactured with confidence by Myriad Pharmaceuticals in an Auckland based ISO9001 accredited, ISO5 rated cleanroom and production facility.

    You can reach us at, use the contact form or come say hi on our socials: